# Introduction

# Aim & composition of this manual

This manual explains the functions of GridDB.

This manual is targeted at administrators who are in-charge of the operational management of GridDB and designers and developers who perform system design and development using GridDB.

The contents of this manual are as follows.

  • What is GridDB?
    • Describes the features and application examples of GridDB.
  • Structure of GridDB
    • Describes the cluster operating structure in GridDB.
  • The data model of GridDB
    • Describes the data model of GridDB.
  • Functions provided by GridDB
    • Describes the data management functions, and operating functions provided by GridDB.
  • Parameter
    • Describes the parameters to control the operations in GridDB.


  • GridDB Community Edition is only available in single configuration, and cluster configuration with multiple nodes is limited only to GridDB Enterprise Edition.
  • OS user (gsadm) is created when GridDB is installed using the package.
  • ODBC is Enterprise Edition only.